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Barry Drake 

Hi, my name is Barry Drake. I was born and raised in Nova Scotia. It is my pleasure to ensure that you have a great trip on the charter and get home safely.


I am a Veteran of the Canadian Navy and served as a Marine Engineering Technologist, specializing in propulsion systems. I’ve spent pretty much all my life on the water, having fished on a commercial fishing boat at age 13 as well as my experience in the Navy from the age of 18, so I am very competent around boats. I am also a Certified Captain with Transport Canada and have Marine Certification with Canadian Coast Guard.


Best Day Ever Charters operates two separate boats. One boat out of Grimsby for Lake Ontario access and a separate boat out of Port Dover for access to Lake Erie. With Best Day Ever Charters, you have access to two separate lakes at any given time.

Four Winn’s Express Cruiser- 40 feet long and 13.5 feet wide. The Four Winn’s is a big solid boat that is very spacious.


Lake Erie: SeaRay 270 Amberjack- 28.5 feet long and 10 feet wide. The Amberjack is very well known for the wide beam and deep Vee hull for a mid size boat, which makes the boat very solid in the water.

The boats we operate are inspected annually for safety and seaworthy. Both boats are outfitted with 3D imaging sonar to really see what is going on under the boat and have the most up to date GPS and software for navigation.

The boats are also equipped with all safety equipment, wash room, kitchen, refrigerator, sound system and even a place for a nap if needed. They are well maintained and kept very clean. You will be very comfortable on either boat.


At Best Day Ever Charters, we are fully rigged for fishing on both boats. Lake Erie offers many different species of fish, but is best known for it's Walleye. 


Because some charters prefer not to fish, we offer many different experiences to suit your needs!

-Sunrise cruise with hot coffee and breakfast. Enjoy the calm of the morning watching the skies light up!

-Sunset cruise with a desert and a beverage. Enjoy watching the sun fall and experience the calm and quiet as night sets in.

-Day cruise around Toronto Island, Lake Ontario

-Day Cruise out to the tip of Long Point, Lake Erie

*We are able to also support scuba divers and beach hoppers.

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